Module 2: Advancing Dairy Reproduction: Practical Strategies for Improving Herd Reproduction Performance

Major Objectives: Be able to monitor reproductive efficiency, troubleshoot problems and coach clients for continuous improvement

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify reproductive programs for heifers and lactating dairy cows with emphasis on estrus detection
  • Identify metrics and protocols for monitoring reproductive performance on dairy farms
  • Identify risk factors associated with reproductive performance taking into account management practices and the environment
  • Identify bottlenecks; investigate and prioritize problems and their solutions, and measure the impact of a change in management or external conditions
  • Understand the opportunity costs/economics of reproductive performance in dairy herds and be able to explain, analyze, and quantify the above at a basic level in a client’s herd


Important Links and Documents

DHMCP Assignment 2 – Reproduction SOP

General Comments – Repro Assignment

Module 2 Evaluation



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