An assignment designed to put new skills into action accompanies each of the classroom modules. If you have questions about a specific assignment, please email Cynthia ([email protected]).


Module 1: Monitoring Herd Performance and Record Analysis

Assignment 1 – DHMCP

Assignment 1 Feedback and Comments

Module 2: Advancing Dairy Reproduction

Assignment 2 – Reproduction SOP

Assignment 2 Feedback and Comments

Module 4/5: Udder Health, Milk Quality and Milking Equipment

Assignment 3 – Udder Health Investigation

Module 6: Dairy Nutrition

Assignment 4 – Herd Nutrition Investigation (Presentation)

Module 7: Transition Cows and Metabolism

Assignment 5 – Assess Transition Performance BottlenecksĀ 

Module 8: Facilities, Lameness and Animal Care

Assignment 6 – Lameness Investigation

Module 10: Calves and Replacements

Assignment 7 – Calves and Replacements Opportunities